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When should my child visit Dr. Cochell for the first time?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends a visit after the first teeth erupt, before the first birthday.  This usually falls after 6 months.  The goal here is routine!  Getting your child accustomed to visiting the dentist can only promote healthy teeth for the future.


Here at Washougal Family Dental, we welcome kids of all ages!


Sealants and Fluoride


Sealants are a preventive tool used on the deep grooves of the molar teeth of children.  The material is tooth colored, making it very difficult to even tell they are there!  The grooves are cleaned and filled, making brushing more effective on the biting surfaces of teeth.  Nothing can get stuck in the grooves, making cavity formation much more difficult.



Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that studies have shown prevents tooth decay.  Rest assured at Washougal Family Dental we use the safest and most effective treatments, and fluoride is no different.  Whether applied to your teeth via foam or painted on, fluoride is a strong tool in the fight against cavities.


Fluoride has also been proven effective as an option for those who experience sensitive teeth.  We recommend a more aggressive fluoride regimen for those whose sensitive teeth interfere with eating and drinking.  It is also helpful before, during, and after teeth whitening procedures for those who experience temporary sensitivity.



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