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Regular Exams and Digital X-Rays

Our patients know visiting Dr. Cochell for their regular exams is the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Prevention is the key when it comes to dentistry, and taking care of problems when they are small not only preserves the life of the tooth but prevents more invasive, costly work down the road.


Pain isn’t always the best indicator of diminished oral health.  Often times, by the time pain is associated with a dental issue, much more extensive and costly dental work must be done to preserve the tooth.  Coming in for regular exams is the easiest way to be proactive in your dental health.


In order to best address your needs, Dr. Cochell has invested in digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras.  Digital x-rays are best for you for several reasons, the biggest one being the ability to cut in half the radiation necessary to collect quality images.  Also, the need for processing time is eliminated, saving you time in the office.  Intra-oral cameras allow you to see what the doctor sees, giving you a clear look at what needs to be done.


Dr. Cochell strives to ensure every patient has a thorough understanding of why and where treatment is needed, what exactly needs to be done to fix it, and what to expect during and after the appointment.



Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that studies have shown prevents tooth decay.  Rest assured at Washougal Family Dental we use the safest and most effective treatments, and fluoride is no different.  Whether applied to your teeth via foam or painted on, fluoride is a strong tool in the fight against cavities.


Fluoride has also been proven effective as an option for those who experience sensitive teeth.  We recommend a more aggressive fluoride regimen for those whose sensitive teeth interfere with eating and drinking.  It is also helpful before, during, and after teeth whitening procedures for those who experience temporary sensitivity.


Sports Guard

For those in sports, a custom made guard placed over the teeth during play is the best protection from injuries sustained during the game and practice.  Impressions of the teeth are taken, and our skilled assistants manufacture the mouth guard in the office.  This makes it a quick option for top of the line protection.


Night Guard

Most commonly, a night guard or occlusal guard will be recommended for those who clench and grind their teeth.  The back teeth alone can exert 200 pounds of pressure, and this can cause numerous problems for people for which this is a constant issue.  Cracked teeth, fillings and crowns are a common result if no intervention is made.  An occlusal guard is a custom, lab made mouthpiece that is worn when clenching and grinding is at its highest.  It absorbs the pressure, and prevents the top and bottom teeth from touching.



Sealants are a preventive tool used on the deep grooves of the molar teeth of children.  The material is tooth colored, making it very difficult to even tell they are there!  The grooves are cleaned and filled, making brushing more effective on the biting surfaces of teeth.  Nothing can get stuck in the grooves, making cavity formation much more difficult.


Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy involves the cleaning of your teeth, gums, and sometimes the roots of your teeth.  A thorough exam will be done of your gum tissue, including measuring the space between your teeth and your gums.  Your x-rays will be evaluated for the amount of bone present around your teeth.  When the results of the exam are found to be normal, your periodontal therapy will involve traditional, routine visits to see your hygienist.


If the results of the exam show your periodontal health is declining, you will be diagnosed with periodontal disease.  This is diagnosed when Dr. Cochell finds extra space between your teeth and gums, and a decreased amount of bone surrounding your teeth.  He may recommend Scaling and Root Planing procedure be performed by your hygienist.  Sometimes called a ‘deep cleaning’, Scaling and Root Planing allows the hygienist more time to thoroughly remove plaque, calculus (tartar) from your teeth and root surfaces, and promote healing of your gum tissues with the use of an ultrasonic, laser, or both.


Following this treatment, the doctor and hygienist may want to see you more regularly for periodontal maintenance visits.  This would involve visits every 3 or 4 months instead of every 6.  This is a proactive approach to stopping the progression of periodontal disease, and promoting increased health of your gums.







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